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#192246 - When Tina and Rick got home, l don’t think the meal went well because my sister went straight to bed and Rick told me they argued because she wanted the nursery done, so l asked if she was pregnant, he said ‘no’, l agreed with Rick there was no rush. He was off for the next 7 days which meant l wasn’t going to be able to fuck my sister Tina, l wasn’t sure if it was that l wasn’t fucking Tina or Rick wasn’t doing the nursery, but she became very short tempered and seemed to moan at Rick for any reason, so l got out the house by taking Sasha to the cinema. Karen began undressing me as we worked our way over to the bed, when she was on her back l buried my head between her legs to start licking and sucking her saggy young pussy hole, she moaned and grinded her pussy onto my mouth, next l kissed my way up to her tits then moved onto her lips and whispered ‘lm going to fuck you doggy’, Karen rolled onto her belly and raised her large arse ready for me to slid my cock all the way inside he

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