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#351472 - I woke up today after a long 13th birthday the night before and looked in the mirror and saw my mother when she was younger I had long brown hair with peachy skin and bright blue eyes I have a curvy body and size B breasts ever since I got pubic hair I shaved it off I hate the feel of it so here I was standing fully naked in my room looking in the mirror when all of a sudden some one touches my shoulder I jumped so high and tried to cover it was my dad still half a sleep uh dad you sleep walking my face must be redLil slut my dad replyed huh what I ain't a slut why is he calling me this dad r you sleep walking NO I CAME IN TO WAKE YOUR LITTLE ASS UP TO SEE YOU LOOKING AT YOUR SELF where did my dad go why he acting like that dad r you ok NO I AM FUCKING NOT YOU MADE ME GET A HARD ON WITH YOUR BODY NOW YOUR GOING TO FIX IT omg omg I don't wanna suck his dick please daddy no please no I feel him picking me up dad what r you doing put me down and just after I say

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