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#69150 - I go in to Matts room and tell him, he smiles and says “so we've got the house to ourselves for the night huh” I smile back and head back to my room, Matt eventually goes downstairs and starts making some burgers, he called me when they were ready, we both talked about what we had done, and came up with some rules, the first being we could enter each others room without knocking,clothing was optional when Mum and Dad weren't home, and any time either of us were horny, we could get the other to look after it with no questions asked. “sorry” replied Matt, before walking away. They got home at around 11am, Matt had woken up at 10:30 and stumbled into the bathroom while I was having a shower, I didn't even hear him till he opened the door, he walked in, put his arms around my back, and kissed me, we made out for a little bit before I said “Mum and Dad will be back in a few minutes” that unfortunately killed his hard on, and he got back out of the shower and said “I'll

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