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#331023 - so I went back outside and saw the mens room, …with fingers crossed I slipped the door open and looked inside, . I pulled a pen out and quickly wrote a note asking, `` do you come hear a lot ?´´ , and slipped it through the hole, `` yes, everyday he replayed´´ ´´ what time will you you be hear tomorrow´´ I wrote, 12:30 on my lunch break he answered, okay i´ll see you tomorrow I wrote , He left the stall , I sat there with the scene still playing in my mind as the door to the middle stall opened again and another man entered, it didn´t take long before he had his cock out and was stroking it, I made the signal for him to give it to me…he slipped it into the hole in the wall , I took it in my hands and worked it until he shot his cum onto my leg and panties also, this went on for almost 2 hours every man who came in I would single for him to give me his cock, I would then jack them off , it was 8 men who unloaded in my hand and on my legs, when I looked at the time…shit I had to run an

Read Police バニーカイニス、チンピラ客にボテ腹にされる - Fate grand order Fantasy Massage バニーカイニス、チンピラ客にボテ腹にされる

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So damn sexy