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#402919 - Your hands move from my forearms to the buckle on my belt…that you deftly undo and remove from my chinos…my eyes are closed as you unbutton the trousers, anticipating what was coming. Your hair framing your face and the flickering candles you'd lit casting shadows across the room… As if knowing what was happening in our room, the radio began playing classical music - the philistine in me couldn't work out what was being played, only that it heightened the moment…you stepped towards me, leaning forward and kissing my lips, I felt like I was on fire…you sat on my lap, wrapping your arms around me, underneath my shirt, which was unbuttoned but still on…you wiggled a bit, I guess to feel how hard I was…that fact wasn't in doubt - I wanted you, I longed for you, I ached for you…this was the culmination of months of planning, scheming, wheeling and dealing, hours of thought.

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