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#61311 - As devin licked her pussy Tammy started slashing around on the bed from all the plesher Tammy had had her pussy sucked before but never like this Devin had a tonge like a god and she loved it Tammy allways thought ove her littel brother as never doing any thinge like thisand nowe her he was giving her plesher. Then she slowly stuck one of her fingers in her pussy she started to finger fuck herself faster and faster Tammy roled onthe bed fingering herself tammy then takes her free hand and sticks a finger up her ass as she starts to finger fuck her ass and pussy at the same time she finally sticks a nother finger into her pussy as she dus she starts to have a majer orgasim as she is starting to climax she yelss oooo my god at the top of her voice with out relizing it as the cum is poring out of her pussy she starts fucking her pussy with her finger agian. Then Devin felt his balls start to tinse up he new he was about to cum so thruste deep into his sister one laste time as he f

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