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#209572 - Hi everyone, well this is my first story I am writing about my sexuall experiences and I hope you enjoy,. We laid there for about 10 min before he pulled his cock out of me, I could feel his cum inside me, I squeezed my pussy tight and got up and headed for the bathroom, In the bathroom we have a framed mirror that is just resting up against the wall I grabbed this and jumped into the shower recess, I aim the mirror at an angle so I could see Garry's sperm dribbling from my pussy onto the floor of the shower, boy he had a lot, there was so much sperm in my pussy I had to stick some fingers up there to pull it out in blobs, I have never tasted my husbands or any guys sperm before, so as I pulled my fingers out of my pussy there was a couple of globs of the whitest sperm I have ever seen, so I just raised my hand to my mouth and stuck it on my tongue, the taste was not that salty from what girlfriends tell me, maybe mixed with my own juices it made it taste better. Till my next o

Read With Junketsu Darumarriage | A Pure Darumarriage Sister Junketsu Darumarriage | A Pure Darumarriage

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Syrus truesdale
These would be better imo if there were less dramatic gasps there is plenty of real drama
If one never ate pussy this would surely get you going your pussy is delicious what a beauty