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#199743 - “Susan do you remember Bellarond Sound?” She seems confused by my question “Edward you last mishap has addled your brain, remain resting until Doctor Cole has reevaluates your mental abilities” She walks out and my phone goes off on the bedside table, picking it up i see it’s the chief “Yeah chief?” “Gorwin good to see your back with us, how is Susan?” “Seems to think I’ve been to the hospital once more and that I been diagnosed with mental issues!” “Well that is what Doctor Cole told us before she allowed us to take you home in a gurney from the hospital!” then he goes on to tell me how they reset Susan using my key so sh’e would have no traces of her experience. As he continues “Well at least we know he won’t reoffend!” How the hell did he get to be a chief I wonder. “Well all I can think of is solve the when a woman isn’t a woman!” D’lorde just glares at me.

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Rosa farrell
Why does she look like gaten matarazzo