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#184908 - He looked to be about six feet six inches, and dwarfed everyone else in the room, in not only physical size, but also charisma, he seemed to have a magnetism about his that was palpable! Lou continued staring at the magnificent figure, and when he glanced her way, their eyes locked for a few brief moments and she felt her cheeks redden and her heart beat faster! A small smile crept over his face, bemused really, and then he returned back to his conversation. Polk, and come over to me! With a shaky hand Lou shut the door and stood before the towering black man while thinking, What on earth was she doing here!?! His gentle face had become more stern, and he reached out and touched her breast and caressed her through her dress. She felt as if nothing would ever change, but fate was about to intervene Good evening Professor, and you too Mrs.

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