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#5147 - Tailor Derek a college frat buddy called me up he was in town for a very high class event and the airline lost their luggage Would I be able to help them out Told him I was glad to help out and gave him the address to my shop I got them to drop by and quickly found a suit that would fit Derek off the rack his wife was another matter Kim was very short and had a marvellous hour glass figure Her pixie face framed in Auburn curls to her shoulders So she would have to stand for a fitting Kim immediately pulled off her jacket and stood on the platform and just yoga pants and a sports bra or figure was shapely from any angle at 34DD 28 36 on a 5’2” frame She had curves for days Derek was talking to her almost commanding to spread her legs to raise your arms without me having to say anything When they had arrived I noticed that she was very deferential to him As to colour and style of dress she would wear Once I taken her measurements I requested that she come back in a few hours for a f

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