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#238384 - Out the corner off my eye l saw the guy go over and begin chatting to Brenda so l stayed at the bar to let her have some flirting fun the guy wasn’t expecting his wife to enter the bar, l don’t know what the woman said to her husband but she gave my Brenda a filthy glare, l re-joined Brenda at the table and asked what the guy wanted, he was telling her his wife was taking their kids to the adventure park so he was on his own the next day, l kidded was she going to be on her own tomorrow as well Brenda grinned and answered ‘lets wait and see’, we didn’t see the guy the next day but then about 3 days before we were due to go home the shower stopped working in our chalet. By the time we got home, listening to my wife had my cock rock hard again we didn’t have our usual late-night drink but just went straight to bed so l could refill her with another full load of my spunk, we both slept so soundly that night. As we drove home Brenda was describing what she was thinking when the guy st

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