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#54627 - Since I'm pretty much sub, I don’t really ever say no, but maybe sometimes I should? I got an IM from a guy on a hookup site I sometimes visit and after a little bit of chit chat about the weather and what sorts of music etc we liked, he invited me to his place for an afternoon of fun. He put a DVD in the player and I sat back on the couch in my panties, stockings and a strappy little camisole. That only made me want to please him that much more, and I grabbed a condom and lube off the table, stretched the rubber over his wet glistening cock and poured a huge amount of lube in my hand and coated that monster as much as I could.

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Sima yi
Fuck you unfunny cunt
Really beautiful whats that tattoo on your back is saying may i ask
Chrono shindou
Great women