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#286084 - So when brought her engagement ring and since neither of us had our permit yet I ask Diana if she could bring Jackie by my work so basically pop the question while was on lunch so she did and I wait to take my 30 min lunch break until she arrive with Jackie at my place of work. I think she though I was in because she start Thrust her hip and lifted up Her shirt so I could suck on her harder nips Out of nowhere the car door fly open at first I was thinking oh shit a police officer saw what we doing and we are toast but instead it Diana and when she saw what we were doing we yell at us “‘what the fuck are two think you’re doing . I took hold of her hand looked her in dead in eyes and said“ Jackie sweet heart I’m not going force you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing and I won’t be mad at you if you didn’t want do.

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