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Cream Touhou Shinkon Shoya - Touhou project Xxx

(例大祭9) [BlueMage (あおいまなぶ)] 東方新婚初夜 (東方Project)


Characters: Yuuka kazami (78)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
18 pages - Uploaded
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#86589 - 100 SESTERCIES IS BID! he cries, and harangues the crowd, who takes it in good humour, laughing at his jokes: 100 SESTERCIES! 100 SESTERCIES! IS THAT ALL I AM BID? IT WOULD BE A GOOD PRICE FOR A ONE LEGGED, BLIND MESSENGER SLAVE WITH PILES! BUT FOR THIS SWEET, EXQUISITE DELIGHT, THIS LITTLE CHERRY TO BE PICKED AND EATEN AND SWALLOWED AND ENJOYED. And if the madam buys here, her virginity would be sold to the highest bidder, for the privilege of having the first night with her, and then she would be rented for the night to the officers of the ships, and later, when worn with her duties, she would be rented by the hour to the crew, and finally, when she is an old whore in her 20 ´ies, she would be good for nothing but to be tied up and lowered into the black hulls of the ship, and throughout the night satisfy whole ships lengths of galley slaves, every orifice, every part of her used.

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