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#266707 - As Jack, Sharon, and Ruby were seated and watching all this as three young tribal women all wildly dressed in different types of leave woven skirts with different symbols were weaved into their dresses/skirts. The drum beatings and dancing warriors covered in white paint and all kinds of different painted on symbols and designs adorned their faces. Yet his eyes were glued to seeing his daughter nakedly displayed in such a wide open way!! His wife as well but Jack just could not take his eyes off his daughters body! So young, So innocent, So exposed, her dark red fuzzy mound hair with her lips protruding outwards from it, her little clital area, her unbelievable shaped small tits with those long poking up nipple flesh with her large dark red cherry sized nipples had Jack hard as a damn rock! Deeply himself lusting for his own daughter! But it wasn't him giving her pleasure or his wife for that matter it had been the tribal women giving them that!!! He was tied and made t


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Helma lennartz
I got two girlfriends and they best friends i love it when they french kiss