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#100559 - Hey guys this a continuation of kid of the house' a story i wrote some time ago, a couple of friends asked me to keep writing about that particular story, it can be read as a stand alone, but you can also find the old one in this site. you know like mom did” “crap”- I said sat down next to her and relaxed “listen to me Isabel” I put my serious voice ”what happened between your mother and me was between adults, and it wasn’t her thanking me, it was us just fooling around like we’ve always done, it’s a secret me and her share, and it was suppose to stay secret until you found out, it’s been going on for years even before you were born, your mother didn’t want to tell you because she thought you might not understand. After a month of living together we finally got in a routine, everyone kept on with their lives and I kept on with mine, the kids were great and I loved having them around.

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