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Dyke Amatsuka Gakuen no Ryoukan Seikatsu Real Orgasms

[桂井よしあき] 天使学園の寮姦性活 ―白峰九桜 前編― (コミック エグゼ 13)


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#235099 - “Sir, you would really whip me for punishment?” she squeaked meekly as her stomach did flip flops but annoyingly her sex got warm and damp like the times her father would put her over his knee and spank her for her infractions like when she was caught kissing Thomas before he broke it off with her. Lord Krinn chuckled softly as he could smell her arousal from the other side of the car, “Of course little one. The price hadn’t been a detriment to Silas’ need for completion of the contract, he probably thought he would have been able to recoup the costs by elimination of his rival but Lord Krinn had made sure to slip one of his men into the role of leadership of the business that had recently suffered a power vacuum from the death of Lord Zarr.

Read Dyke Amatsuka Gakuen no Ryoukan Seikatsu Real Orgasms Amatsuka Gakuen no Ryoukan Seikatsu

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