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#239678 - Most were too far away and others were a bit too old for me or a bit too experienced. I started to deep-throat him and within a minute he began to moan, I knew what was coming and that just made me hornier so I sucked harder and deeper than before and with one big groan I felt his hard cock pulse intensely and then his hot, salty cum hit the back of my throat for the first time, he nearly filled my mouth with his load and I swallowed every last drop! I cleaned his dick with my mouth and then looked up at him, he looked down smiling and just said your turn I got to my feet, my jeans straining to hold my dick at this stage, he kissed me hard and deep again, tasting his own cum and then got down on his knees, he wasted no time and spat on my stiff cock and lubed me up with his hand. I wrapped my hand gently around the base of his dick keeping his foreskin covering his head, I edged him slowly into my mouth, running my tongue down his entire shaft, feeling his warmth in my mouth.

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