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#253857 - I would purchase old houses at auction modernise them, then rent out the property generating an income, right now they have 25 houses each and receiving a nice monthly income of about £3000 as a I came home from work one friday, arriving about 4pm not my usual 6 pm parked the van went into the house put my clothes in the wash this time I put everything in the machine turned it on and walked upstairs naked to my room. My name is Kevin father to three girls ,aged 42 single, well divorced, and I am a self employed electrician specialising in domestic work and yes the Bentley is mine. I was condemmed to a life of work to support my three girls while living in a very small flat above a corner shop, then one friday after work instead of going for a beer with the lads from work, on the way home I called into a lottery outlet and purchased one 'lucky dip” on the Euro Lottery, that was 5 weeks after the divorce was finalised.

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Kuusuke matsuno
If you jerked off to this you have no say in were they belong
Momo mizrahi
Can i help