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#69119 - Valentine has very particular parameters his girls must meet, April intoned, and you seem to fill the bill except for the one thing we haven't check on yet, if you are extremely hirsute in the vaginal area!?! Gwen was embarrassed to hear that kind of talk, especially about her, but she figured she had better get used to it, so she answered forcefully, I'm very hairy, more than anyone I've ever seen!!! Good, replied April, let's have a look just to be sure, okay!?! Gwen stood up, unzipped her skirt, and shoved down her white cotton panties, exposing her naked crotch to April Alden's eyes. Very nice, murmured April,? very nice indeed!!! Taking her hand, April ran her fingers through the lush fur, stopping when her index found her damp crack, slowly prying her way in until she found Gwen's erect clitoris and then commenting, That's a very good sign, you have a very responsive vagina, I take it you have no trouble achieving orgasm??? Oh n

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