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#221660 - Then after the guy fucking me cum, I moved up, with 4 loads in my ass, I stood over Shelia and emptied my ass over her face and mouth, she then turned and dropped her cum loads into my mouth, both sharing another cum kiss. The night carried on till late, we all got more than our fair share of cum, the two girls completely covered in cum looked great, to finish the night as Shelia and Sue both took a good last load I lay down and got them to feed me the cum . I also got Shelia to fuck me with the strap on, using the big toys to pound my ass hard too, I just love the feeling knowing a woman is fucking my ass, but real cocks give a different nice feeling too, but not often as filling.

Read Eat Ama Enbo | 女孩子愛撒嬌 Puto Ama Enbo | 女孩子愛撒嬌

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