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#1957 - Talking to Maria was awkward “sorry again” I said meekly “it’s been rough on me too, being away from you and never knowing if you’re alright I’ve developed a bit of a sleeping problem lately” I continued weakly “it’s alright I guess” she responded a little distant I just ate my breakfast trying to clear my head and went out to the car “can I drive” my sister asked suddenly enthusiastic “what, no” I said “oh come on I’m 16 I have my license what’s the big deal?” she complained “you just got your license what if you wreck the car” I sputtered “plus I’m 17 and you don’t have a clue where you’re going maybe in a week or two but for now just get in” I said she conceded without pressing the issue any further and the day went like most others; boring, and slow with the exception that I couldn’t stop thinking about Maria and how badly I wanted more all of the sudden, I knew it was wrong but I also knew how I felt and refused to do anything to change it. I thought back to the last few months b

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