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#311252 - After a few minutes they all appeared in the lounge not saying a word I just smiled Lilly had jumped up and was sitting on my lap and snuggled down to watch the end of her film. Lisa asked if she could see it I knew then I was lost I opened my robe pulled my boxers down up sprang my cock Lisa looked at Kelly and said your right it is bigger than dads I sat open Mouthed she got up walked over and said its a lot thicker too The next was a shooker bet he fucks better than my dad too, I looked at her and asked has he fucked you she smiled and said yep ever since I was 10 he fucks me in every hole I have and he has screwed Kelly too she loved it when he did her they other week I was stunned looked over to Kelly were she shrugged her shoulder and grinned at me. Loved it she said he had me twice, that was my undoing as I starred at Kelly, Lisa had lent over me and had opened her moth and started to suck me I was astonished she was a pro and I was gone.

Read Blond Hahri's Lumpy Star Ch. 9~37 De Quatro Hahri's Lumpy Star Ch. 9~37

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Minawa andou
This nigga doin everything else besides fuckin the bitch smh
Tsurara amatsuka
No more little love hole
Uzume tennouboshi
Amazing hentai
Mizore yoroizuka
Thank you for showing your face that makes it all so much hotter