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#317817 - Where am i The last thing he remembered was the fight between Lance and Lucifer, the searing pain he felt, the dagger sticking out of his chest and the extra pain he was been caused by someone attempting to pull it out, the look on celeste's face as he stared into her beautiful eye's, after that all's he remembered was darkness, he was in the underworld stood in a dark field where he knew he would be doing nothing for eternity, he was in the fields of asphodel Celeste:- You're in the infirmary, the doctor and Aditi brought you here after you was stabbed and the dagger was removed, it was touch and go for a while but the doctor was amazing and you pulled through, you've been out for the past two weeks Jonah:- But i died, i was in the underworld in the fields of asphodel Celeste:- Must of been a dream, you're in the infirmary at camp Jonah:- No it can't of been, i died didn't i He was becoming a little unsure, he could of

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