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#253773 - “All my friends think I’m on a work course this weekend” Sharon smiled as she briefly looked over at Harry, they were on the motor way now and traveling at a nice speed “I made arrangements at the Home and told Angela I was going with a friend I had made to the countryside for a weekend to celebrate my seventy-fourth and his seventieth birthday” Harry said with a smile, Sharon giggled “I didn’t know I was seventy this weekend” she laughed “I’m looking really good for my age!” Harry laughed and put his hand on Sharon’s leg as she drove, rubbing her thigh a little, she felt flushed, just his touch made her feel aroused. Sharon arched her back as she felt the thick cock throb inside her pussy, she was still amazed at how much Harry stretched her when he thrust his cock into her body, it was the most intense thing she’d felt and she loved every moment each time they were together. His name was Pete and he was more her age at 28 year’s old.

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