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#88284 - Too bad whenever they would be out to visit and the dogs would be allowed to breed my father would be home, or else I have let them take me right there! My intrigue with Doggy Cocks was when my best friend TJ had a small dog when I was 13 years old named “Bipper”, that loved to try and hump my leg, or my arm whenever I was bent down, and when his little pecker came out of its sheath I’d get an instant little hard on, that’s when I knew that I was horny for gay dog sex. It was summer, so when Dad left for work in the city (he was usually gone or 12-14 hours) that Monday I taking Max out to the barn and stroked him, but without the sight and smell of other dogs fucking he just didn’t seem interested, also he was not too bright compared to King and somewhat inexperienced so he barely knew that his beautiful penis was for fucking anyway. His boner was 7-8 inches long, fat, round, and thick from the knot to the tip, pink covered with deep red veins and capillaries, as was his knot; as bi

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Lina inverse
Made me hard
Ran hibiki
Is she 100 with the head