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#350607 - They took me to new heights, my orgasms gripping thier cocks tighter inside me than ever before, this was to much for them as I was flooded with sperm, all three setting one another of, fell on top of us all. I wanted a fuck this time in front of the guys, so I pulled the Dobberman over, and began to wank his cock, he was keen, soon my hand was full of dog cock, and more still coming, I bent down sucking him, guys gasped seeing me do this, but his cock grew fully, now some 12 inches long, and no knot yet. I rested while I waited for the knot to drop out, watching now as Sue took more guys in turn, then with one good pull my ass was free of the dog cock, but just as quickly, one of the guys rammed his fist in, cum squessed out making weird sounds as he fucked my ass hard with his fist and arm, then some one pushed a cock in with him, sending me quickly into a orgasm which made more cum squirt out, this was replaced with human cum, as the guys fucking me came, and was replaced j

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