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#314257 - Is it me? Part 1 “Gentle Beginnings” I find it hard to remember the exact order of events all those years ago, everything I am going to tell you happened, just maybe not in the exact order that I tell it. Alan grinned and started to strip, but Mr Carter stopped him, “I’ll do that” he said and he slowly started to remove Alan’s clothes one by one, while making a big show of checking the pockets and groping him everywhere. I cried and blubbed and begged him not to, promising that I would do anything to avoid that, so anything it was! I found out almost 40 years later, from Alan that it was all a set up, the caretaker had arranged it all with Alan but no one could have known where it would lead! Mr Carter, the caretaker, took me, and a grinning Alan, to the boiler room, a scary place at the best of times but when you had just been caught smoking it seemed like Hades itself! Once inside his “office” an oversized store room with no windows, and a door that was locked all the time, he

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