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#123838 - ‘ If that makes you more relaxed’ the man replied, taking a camera he snapped off a few photos as Maxine sat and lent back on her arms slightly, pushing out her breasts, ‘what now’ she asked, the man looked and said ‘how about undoing your dress, let it fall open naturally’. ‘She likes that’ the man laughed rubbing harder, again Maxine groaned uncontrollably, ‘let’s see if she likes this’ he said, and suddenly she felt his hot hard cock pushing inside her, Maxine gasped and moaned loudly ‘ No Please Stop’, the man did nothing but laugh as he pushed deeper into her aroused pussy, slowly he pulled out and started to fuck her making Maxine moan again and again, unable to stop herself she felt her body tremble and knew she was building to her first orgasm. Maxine screams again and again as it pushes deeper and deeper feeling like she’s being split apart as the dog mounts her, growling as it uses her abused pussy.

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Haruka hasegawa
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