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#343158 - I’m 6” feet tall and have a built body from playing football and track. With that thought I heard my sisters come from down the stairs they were dressed in those short shorts and a white tank top I just encored them and went back to the T. They said to put my legs up so I did I was on all fours they asked if I was ready I shook my head yes not knowing what was coming I was turning my head when smack! my ass was hit then again I looked back and both my sisters were on the bed with paddles In there hand I said what is that they said it’s my punishment for calling them names they said I had 20 more each so 40 in all I was scared and it must have shown on my face because they started to laugh they said it will go by quick and that I did not have to worry and that it would be over soon they started to go again and again and again I got to 20 and started to tear up they said they were going to stop and relieve went over my face they turned me over tied my legs and grabbed my dick I said no

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