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#199568 - So I said to Daddy if I am a good little Girl for you will Fuck me, Yes he told me, and with that he got on top of me and I took hold of his Big Cock and started to guide the head of it in between the lips of my Cunt it started to hurt but Daddy keep poking it into me a little bit at a time, and Daddy lifted me up as he poked his Cock into me, I started to cry out in pain but Daddy told me to shut up and be his Slut and Fuck with him, which I did, then he Busted my Cunt Oh what a lovely feeling it was, then he told me he was starting cumm into my Cunt, and when I felt the hot Spunk spurting into my Cunt I started to cumm also, then I looked at my Sister Emma and she had got our pet Dog Rex, to lick her little cunt as she layed back in the Sun-Chair, and I said to Daddy it looks like you are going to have 2 Sluts to Fuck. Then we all decided to go into Daddies King Size bed and there we were with lovely Nude daddy with his two Nude little Daughters on either side of him, then he t

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