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#139768 - After walking down the road to Seyruun for a few hours the early morning night sky started to lift leaving bright midmorning light in there wake, they were still a good distance from seyruun when they came upon a band of men dancing around two large fire pits, with a man at each slowly rotating something over the hot fire, Lina and Naga still being a far bit away couldn’t make out what was roasting on the spits but Naga knew without having to get closer, having seen it once before and knew there were young girls roasting over those flames. They have been roasting young girls in Seyruun now for a few years since there are no cattle left to slaughter, the people there say that girl-meat is just as tasty Naga said licking her lips looking toward the dumbstruck face of Lina staring back at her, You cant be serious? she asked as Naga just shook her head in the YES motion and continued to bite on her potato. Lina was woken up an hour or two later and realized she was naked and

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