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#298577 - He climbed over me, and leaned in to let me know he was there and finally said, in a chipper voice and a coy smile, Time for bed! My eyes were probably bigger than anything else when I looked back at him, still biting my lip in a dazed/surprised expression, then trailed my eyes down between his legs and my lower butt, his dick was hard and pointing directly towards my ass crack through his shorts, looking like it wanted to settle in if he laid across me! I tried to crawl out from under him without touching it but in a clumsy attempt to get to my hands and knees under him I fell back and pressed my ass directly into him. He treated me better than anyone had. He always commented how short I was, and that I couldn't take him down which put more fuel to the fire to try, I was just a kid, slowly becoming a teenager I didn't know better.

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