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#163776 - I'm naked as you walk to me, I hold you close and tell you DON'T SPEAK I pull you into the room and quietly undress you DONT SPEAK I take your hardness into my hands DONT SPEAK I squeeze and pull and in your eyes I see your desire, you're dripping all over my hand DONT SPEAK I lead you to the bed and push you onto your back DONT SPEAK I take you into me and ride you into complete submission DONT SPEAK I feel my climax coming as my walls squeeze you,I ride the waves of ecstacy DONT SPEAK Our breathing is labored, my eyes are closed, I hear you grunt as you erupt inside of me DONT SPEAK I fall to the side of you and you hold me close, you rub my back and I tell you DONT SPEAK.

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Koyuki azumaya
The tanning looks so good on you i want the same hehe
Rokuro okajima | rock
How much wins do you guys have on warzone