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#392764 - then I had an idea and went into the kitchen I got a couple of clothes pegs and returned to place them on her stiff bullet like nipples, then taking the vibrater once more I placed it against the butt plug and turned it on sending vibrations through it directly in to her ass having the desired effect of getting her to push back a ride the thrill to a third climax and this time I got to see her vaginal fluids spurt from her pussy and onto the laminate floor. Shelly was squirming at the intrusion to her perfect arse and my cock was so hard it was touching my stomach and I just had to slip it inside her juicy fuck hole and fuck her for a few minutes, I so wanted to shoot my load inside her right that second but I had other plans so extracting myself from Shelly’s succulent cunt I grabbed the vibrater and turning it on I placed it against her clit and held it there as she squirmed her way to her first orgasm of the night. It must have been a good half hour before Shelly came back into

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