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#228842 - LITTLE BOY I snap the whip and I hear you cry Your moans and tears make me high I demand that you thank me and love me Like a good little boy, you show your loyalty You call me your goddess But that doesn't make me abuse you any less Not until I see you bruised do I see your true nature The raised welts and you thrashing like a creature I can see the ecstasy my cruelly gives you As I beat until you are black and blue You look so helpless in this position However, it's just another way for you to express your devotion With leather blinding your eyes and your hands cuffed above your head Not a stitch of clothing, you are exposed to me instead I kiss your tender chest and slide my tongue a crossed it with teasing I feel your muscles tensing and your desire increasing But all you get is another whack As I cause leather to spill upon your back I have heard you pledge your submission Now I want you to know that you are my possession ---F

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