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#390216 - as she continued to tell me about how he moved her around our bed shafting her in various positions, bending her this way and that as he worked her on his cock, my own cock was erect and ready to burst so I began to undress, Alison continued to tell me of the shafting she had taken, then when I was finally naked Alison lay back on the bed opened her legs to allow me to see her recently fucked pussy, still red and swollen, she began to gently finger her clit “He came in my mouth too” that was the second time she seemed pleased to tell me “the first time he came in here” she said as she opened her pussy with her fingers so I could see the remains of his cum inside her, I was now pumping my cock slowly as she continued to tell me all, I reached out to touch her but she gestured me away “still 9 to go before you get me to yourself” she said as her fingers continued to work away in her hole in time with my own self pleasuring, “he wanted to fuck my bum” she said and smiled a wicked smile “d

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