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#160220 - With the next summer looming, the beach got a work out again, word got around and soon it was impossible for us to even make it any where near our spot before hands carrased our bodies, at one point Joy was lifted onto a cock and carried to the spot with his dick planted firmly up her ass, seeing two guys hold her up and dp her as they stood, both cocks firmly in her ass, her orgasm keeping then hard for ages, before both shot her full of cum and collapsed with Joy still on their cocks. So when they could get to fuck a woman or a guys ass, they loved it, and we were to become well know on the beach over the next few years too, on several occasions we would go there on our own for what every reason, and Joy was always looked after, the guys all took turns to fuck her, would look after her and keep her safe, she some times came home naked, covered in cum and her holes still gapping and wet with thier juices, mind you so did I some times too. Well it was later that year we met a g

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Tsugumi shirasaki
I always try more for realistic background noise rather than making it be super silent the iphone 11 pro max does have a pretty decent mic though i will probably use an external mic on it like a seinheiser and use a beast grip rig with it who knows maybe i will just stay ghetto as fuck and shoot it raw like this every time
Mrs. ayase
How are these woman i love redheads i would love to know