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#48353 -   I was naked on the bed my nine inch cock fully erect has I watched Angie remove her tight black dress revealing the most beautiful body I'd ever seen, her flame red shoulder length hair swaying has she moved, her 36DD size breasts being confined by a black lacy bra, and her completely shaved pussy hidden behind a matching thong, we kept eye contact the entire time our love for each other clear for all to see.   Chapter four (Angie's point of view)  I kept expecting to picture my daughter and to feel guilt at what me and Jay had just done let alone the boundary that we were still going to cross but there was no guilt just the feeling of love for my son in-law and the thought of him fucking me with that gorgeous cock, but I also needed to be sure it wasn't just going to be just a one off, I wanted him has a lover and with Sam working away a lot I knew our affair would be incredible. I've always enjoyed my ass being fucked and Jay's cock was the biggest

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