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#318678 - me and my friend was just chatting along when harvey came behind me and hugged me i was shocked when someone put there arms around me harvey kissed the back of my neck he said hey babe can we join you and your friends? i turned round blowing smoke out my mouth i said sure but why does the football team wanna eat lunch with us? one of the guy (i now know to be called jake) said beacuse we dont care that you are gay or that your in a relationship with harvey. school went on and it was time to eat lunch i met my friends on the field like i always do we sat and started to eat (however i needed a ciggarette before i ate) we wasnt alone on the field the was about 50 other people. brit must of upset some guy because he said your a dirty fag that needs to die brit got invovled again and said o hell no ya'll better no of just disrespected my boy i smiled when brit said that it reminded of a word i came across when i was in england (chav) and thought she kinda is one.

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Aria shichijou
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Kaede nagase
I want that outfit fucking gorgeous
Amber | february
Beautiful tits