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#237886 - As she was thrashing her head about trying to plead for them not to do this only now the damn plants drugg was having an affect on her insides as she felt her pussy starting to throb and damn it was throbbing bad now!! That was nothing as yet just a warm up for what was about to happen to her as the two women one on each side of her taughtly spread out legs curled back up under the damn tree and tied like everything, now just reached into 2 small wooden boxes carved into a very illustrious looking nearly jewelry box looking state and opened the lids and reached into each one and pulled out what looked like two strange but huge looking bumble bee like creatures with their tail ends swollen out like tiny balloons on the ends of their upper bodies as the woman standing between her legs and that damn huge ass pussy ruining hog replica dildo swinging about as she said: You gonna' feel an awfull sting in bit, and they gonna' git yer' titties ripe and ready for me!! The inst

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