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#65245 - And a chef who was in his mid-thirties, The chef was different from all others, he was a huge black man, he must have been over 6 ft. We had a few drinks and fell asleep between each other arms fully nude till the second day, the second day activities were all new and inventive too, till the arrival of his friend, Julio, the owner of the resort, when Julio’s car showed up at the main gate, we could see it from the poolside, Raul told me that was his friend Julio, the owner of the resort. As the resort was a private one, the owner had no restrictions to what the staff would wear at all, anything comfortable was accepted, they did not have to wear any uniforms, sometimes a person is relaxing or even swimming, when we ask for a service, they would present it to us the way they look, sometimes in swimsuit or shorts, which made us feel comfortable as well.

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