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#253828 - Misinterpreting my silence he goes on “We will be willing to pay you double the normal working rate per hour” I look at him “You’re talking of 25 per hour” He nods “Yes I know, I’ve been talking to the staff and they agreed that it’s a good idea to get somebody to coach the children in specialized direction, I have the batting down, but bowling is a bit beyond my reach” Now this I’m going to enjoy! Teaching kiddies to play my favorite game and getting paid handsomely for it “Sure, where do I sign?” He chuckles “I have the papers at my office, come around after the match and we can go through everything and you can sign if you’re happy” “Sure thing coach” We shake hands again and he walks away as Clive bowls the last ball and bowls out the last batsmen. I move closer, my hand shoved between her legs and my fingers entering her wet pussy as I lean closer. Wendy is not just a lover, she’s my friend and I care about my friends.

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