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#385172 - Her voice became very soft,right now things had escalated so far beyond her scope of engenderable horrors she sank into this calm passivityNo sir she squeecked in barely more then a whisper His face distorted into a grimace take that hood down,show your face,and look at me when I speaks to ya? She felt totally overpowered and he hadn't even touched her. it was like the whole room feel into trance and amidst the beargarden she could see girls being accosted and pulled on,she even spotted a girl in a darker corner having her face driven into what seemed to be this guy's abdomen as other men circled round,one fellow even wore the eagle emblem of the to serve and protect security logo,she'd quickthinkingly recloaked her face and made for the exit,stage left,but what about Soraya?,oh god, whatever became of her?,she scanned around in wild desperation but realized immediately the futility of it,she'd call for help outside. her lip quivered,the hairs on her n

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