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#274339 - “Little boys like you don’t know what to do with a real woman” Said Diane as everyone around us broke into fits of laughter, she giggled like a little girl as she leaned forward cupping her small breasts together to expose her freckled cleavage, “these would be to much for you to handle” she whispered in her Dirty French Canadian accent, unable to hold it in any longer I broke out laughing and took a sip of my beer to cover my blushing. As I turned back to face her Diane promptly shoved her tongue back into my hungry mouth sucking my lower lip while her hands danced along my ass as she pulled me close. Best of all were there accents; every one of them spoke in a dirty French accent when they spoke English that had my prick rising all day.

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The hentais has captions in english hope that helps s2