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#62903 - He looked around and was happy with the situation alright Laura ever sucked a cock before ? he asks her she shake her head no and he smiled it's like a lollypop understand ? he says and she nods yes smiling up to him alright then come and suck your new masters cock let it grow hard in your mouth he says looking down at her she slowly bended over first Licking the tip and then taking  as much as she could down her troath. he said as he stand up and starts to take of her shirt his daughter still with a smile on his face when he drops her shirt thank you daddy she says to him baby please don't do this he begs his daughter but I have to daddy he's my master she said as he took of her pants she stept out of it and walked over to James . When they finished there breakfast James started to talk alright slaves here is what we are gonna do today we are gonna get a shower together then you two get dressed and start to clean the house as I go and e

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