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#168508 - Their mother explained to them that she had to work late tonight so if we wanna have a night out or have the house to ourselves for 3 hours were welcome to just no party's Sandra giggled while drinking her coffee once both girls finished their breakfast they walked to school they had about 5 to 6 minutes till the bell went for class so Sandra decided to have a quick smoke before class they are aloud to smoke as long as its outside school Sandra lit her cigarette and took a puff when Brenda saw Sandra take a puff she got curious and asked Sandra if she could have a taste Sandra gave her a puzzled look and told her its bad for you she knew what she was signing up for but she told Sandra she cared for her and wanted to share her pain and besides her mother smokes Sandra awkwardly agreed and handed Brenda the cigarette Brenda brought the cigarette to her lips and inhaled the cigarette lightened and the smoke entered Brenda's body she accidentally dropped the cigarett

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So hot can be great a next hentai with her wearing jean shorts and fucking cheers
Cure magical
I am here for you sweetie and glad that you liked the hentai s2