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#361803 - Her cheeks were drawn in as she sucked hard and fast, James moaned with pleasure, “Oh fuck yeah, that’s great baby!” She sucked his cock a bit more, and then she laid on the bed, James laid down beside her and they started kissing, James began to finger her wet pussy and sucked her big nipples as she ran her hands over him, feeling his muscles and his smooth skin. ” She extended her hand out to him, “I’m Sylvia, and sure we could do that!” “Great, I’ll keep watch for you then,” he said, taking her hand into his large palm, “You have a good day, see you later. “Ohhh my god, what a load!” she said as he climbed off him, took his spent but still hard cock into her mouth, and sucked it clean.


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For her i would also do a double abundant very good and beautiful