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#19679 - Pat relaxed even more so I turned to Russ and found him grinning back me, I grinned back and pushed my finger right in to the knuckle then pulled it back out, Pat didn’t move so I slid two fingers slowly in and out for a couple of minutes while Russ watched the show. “we should finish up and get some sleep” I said nodding at the clock, Pat looked a bit shocked then laughed “just imagine its Carols pussy sliding down your cock, it sure worked before” I groaned and grabbed her boobs “Carols pussy and your boobs, what a great combination” I grinned and started shoving up hard into Pat then pushed her off and laid her down on her front and entered her from behind before moving my legs to the outside and sitting up while sliding my cock in and out her very tight pussy. Pat grabbed my stiff cock and laughed “enjoy the show?, she’s such a tease!” and proceeded to unzip me and run her tongue over the head of my cock.

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