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#252208 - I said sure and had him come in and offered him a soft drink as he began pouring out his heart to me! He was so lonely for home that he was thinking about leaving school and high tailing it back to St. Louis nearly passed out when I twirled my tongue around his magnificent cock head, but after he regain his senses, he literally fucked my mouth with that monster until he shot it down my hungry throat!!! The funny thing was that as soon as he shot his load I scooted out of the way and one of the guys sat down in my place, so that when they pulled the blindfold off of Reggie's eyes, that's the black boy's name, the first thing that he was another boy on his knees in front of him, giving him the impression that he was the one that sucked him off!!! Well, the look on his face was priceless as he almost keeled over one more time!!! It wasn't until he saw me over in the corner with my cat that ate the canary look on my face that he realized that the boys were just pulli

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Aqua centolm
I just created this whole account just to tell how amazed i am i was tearing up near the end you did it you crazy daughter of bitch you did it